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๐Ÿ“š I left Linux after using it for a decade (for many reasons)

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I've been a Linux user since 2012. I've used many Linux distros during this time. I first started with Debian. It was solid, stable, and it had all the required tools I need for my university coursework and projects.

After using it for a while, GTK 3.0 was released. It was ugly as shit. GNOME transitioned to use 3.0 and that was it. It ruined everything for me. I liked it the way it was. Classic, usable, and familiar.

Soon afterwards, I caught the distro-hopping bug. I installed many distros and tried out a lot of desktop environments. But at the end I stucked with Cinnamon. It was quite usable. However, it had a lot of bugs. So, I switched to Arch + XFCE and used it for solid 4 years.

Even now, I think XFCE is the best usable and customizable desktop environment, which doesn't suck.

After that, I wanted to give tiling window managers a try and installed dwm. It was simple and worked very well with several patches. However, it was too minimal. So, I switched entirely to SwayWM.

Sway has a lot of support but it's a Wayland compositor. So, there were lots of issues like screen tearing, screen sharing, multiple monitor support, clipboard malfunction and so on. So, I had to search for packages all over the web for quick fixes and workarounds.

It went on for quite some time but at this point I was burnt out from all the fixing and plumbing. Not only that, but I also had issues with UI scaling. For instance, I use Intellij and RubyMine for work. The fractional scaling results in blurry fonts and widget. Not good for the eyes when writing a lot of code.

Essentially, I would spend more time fixing things than doing actual work. So, I Installed vanilla Ubuntu and left everything on default. Surprisingly, everything was smooth except for few bugs here and there.

But the issues didn't stop there. It didn't support A2DP. Fractional scaling was still a problem. Using snaps instead of debs was confusing. The top panel looked like a cheap copy of macOS bar.

I carried on with it for quite some time until a friend convinced me to give MacBook a try. I bought the MacBook a try. At first, I thought it was just a cute wrapper around UNIX but no. It was full-blown operating system with all the required drivers installed, built-in applications that weren't useless, pretty screen, and the best touchpad I've ever used.

I installed Intellij and it looked so good out of the box. The performance was first-class. Everything worked so well out of the box. It got out of my way and I just started working. I felt relieved because I didn't had to fix the small things with scripts and whatnot. I also installed the GNU utilities through Homebrew and that was it! I was hooked. I never felt so productive in my life. Every application has a unified theme that's aesthetically pleasing (Linux required tons of work for this).

In a way, I feel like macOS is the most stable and polished Linux distribution that doesn't get in my way.

So, in summary, here are the points that made me leave Linux for macOS:

  1. Linux is good for servers. It's nowhere close to macOS when it comes to the desktop. The foundation of Linux desktop is weak. It's all strings and patches hooked together with no consistent foundation
  2. Graphics are still an issue. Scaling and multi-monitor support is weak. Every application using a different library (like FLTK) needs to be scaled manually (fuck that!)
  3. Touchpad calibration (scrolling, dragging, tapping etc) is nowhere close to that of MacBook and macOS'
  4. Most commercial software doesn't support Linux
  5. Most open source applications are copies of one another. Instead of channeling that energy to once central piece of software, most of the community work on different things, which results in poor userland software. Examples are Hyprland, Wayland, Wayfire, WayCooler, dwl, and the list goes on
  6. Wayland still feels like a work in progress (and it is)
  7. Battery life is still weak on Intel based laptops (despite tweaking with things like tlp)
  8. There is no solid PDF editor (as compared to PDF Expert, Adobe Acrobat) and there is no central software that can handle e-Books, audiobooks, highlights, bookmarks (as opposed to Apple Books)
  9. Despite a gazillion dictionaries, there is no dictionary that we can actually use to look up words like in macOS and iOS
  10. Flatpak? Snaps? Binaries? AppImage?
  11. No equivalent that comes close to Time Machine
  12. Apple Silicon beats the pants off Intel/AMD

In addition, I stick to the most built-in application in macOS and depend less on 3rd-party software except dev tools, iina, pdf expert, maccy, and rectangle.

Mind that I'm not against Linux (in fact I love what it does). I still use it for servers. My rant is about Linux on the desktop.

Thank you for reading. I'll answer any questions that you have. :)

edit: added another bullet


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