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✅ Enatega: Open Source Solution For Delivery App

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Unleash Your Delivery Dreams: Build Your On-Demand Delivery Business with Enatega Multivendor

Empower Your Business with a Feature-Rich, Open-Source Delivery Solution

Imagine launching your own on-demand delivery business, catering to anything from groceries and restaurant meals to pharmaceuticals and beyond. Enatega Multivendor, the open-source powerhouse from Ninjas Code, makes this dream a reality.

From Humble Beginnings to Open-Source Revolution

The Enatega story began with a spark of innovation. A team at Ninjas Code envisioned a world where anyone could create their own delivery service. While their initial goal was to compete in the local food delivery market, they recognized the power of collaboration. By open-sourcing Enatega Multivendor, they've fostered a vibrant community of developers and entrepreneurs.

Why Open Source? Transparency, Collaboration, and Growth

There are several advantages to Enatega's open-source approach:

  • Reduced Marketing Costs: Open-sourcing allows Enatega to gain traction organically, attracting developers and businesses seeking a robust delivery solution.
  • Enhanced User Experience: A larger contributor base means faster bug fixes, more features, and continuous improvement of the core platform.
  • Real-World Experience for Developers: Contributing to a real-world project used by over 100 businesses provides invaluable experience for developers of all skill levels.

Sustainable Development with a Back-End License

To ensure the project's long-term sustainability, Enatega offers a back-end license with an open API. This model provides several benefits:

  • Flexibility for Businesses: The open API allows for customizations to cater to specific business needs and integrate with existing systems.
  • Continued Development: The Enatega team remains dedicated to ongoing development and improvement of the core functionalities, ensuring your platform stays ahead of the curve.

Introducing Enatega Multivendor: A Feature Powerhouse for All

Enatega Multivendor is a feature-rich solution designed for iOS, Android, and web platforms, catering to all stakeholders within the on-demand delivery ecosystem:

  • Effortless Setup: Get started quickly with a streamlined local setup process requiring just a few commands.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Deliver a seamless user experience across various devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktops.
  • Open-Source Resources: Enatega provides comprehensive resources to empower users, including live demos, extensive documentation, and video tutorials.

Join the Enatega Community and Build Something Amazing

With Enatega Multivendor, you have the power to build a customized delivery solution tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're launching a local grocery delivery service or a national network for pet supplies, Enatega provides the foundation for your success. Join the Enatega community, explore the possibilities, and unleash your delivery dreams!

Enatega Multivendor seems to have covered all the bases when it comes to features for its various users. Let's break down some of the key functionalities across its different applications:

Customer Mobile/Web App:

  • User verification through email or phone adds a layer of security and trust.
  • Social login options like Google, Apple, and Facebook streamline the sign-up process.
  • Location-based restaurant discovery makes it easier for users to find nearby dining options.
  • Detailed restaurant information including reviews, ratings, and menus helps users make informed decisions.
  • Integration with Maps for address creation simplifies the ordering process.
  • Push notifications and email updates keep users informed about their orders.
  • Real-time rider tracking with chat option enhances transparency and communication.
  • Multi-language and theme support cater to diverse user preferences.
  • Order rating and review features enable customers to provide feedback.
  • Payment integration with PayPal and Stripe offers flexibility in payment options.
  • Order history and favorite restaurants make it convenient for users to reorder.
  • Customization options for food items and flexible pick-up/delivery timings cater to individual preferences.
  • Vouchers and tipping options add value to the user experience.
  • Robust search functionality simplifies the process of finding specific restaurants or items.

Restaurant App:

  • Order alerts and acceptance timers ensure timely processing of orders.
  • Print invoice option facilitates record-keeping and order management.
  • Real-time order updates keep restaurants informed about incoming orders.

Rider App:

  • Real-time order status updates and push notifications keep riders informed and efficient.
  • Integrated map with delivery addresses and travel time estimates optimize delivery routes.
  • Real-time chat with customers enhances communication and customer service.
  • Order history and management features streamline the delivery process.

Admin Dashboard:

  • Role-based administration ensures secure access and management.
  • Comprehensive management features for restaurants, vendors, and users facilitate efficient operations.
  • Rider zone creation and assignment optimize delivery logistics.
  • Management of withdrawal requests and commission rates ensures fair compensation for riders.
  • Customizable order status configurations cater to specific business needs.
  • Detailed order statistics and commission management provide insights for decision-making.
  • Menu management with discount features enables promotional activities.
  • Management features for users, ratings, coupons, and tipping enhance overall user experience.

The inclusion of enhanced developer experience features indicates a commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation in the platform's development process. Overall, Enatega Multivendor seems to offer a comprehensive solution for the food delivery ecosystem, catering to the needs of customers, restaurants, riders, and administrators alike.

Joining the Enatega community sounds like a great opportunity to contribute to an active project and connect with fellow developers. Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Join the Discord Community: Head over to to join the Enatega Discord community . Here, you can ask questions, share ideas, and connect with other developers who are working on the project.

  2. Contribute through GitHub:

    • Reporting Issues: If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, you can create issues on the project's GitHub repository.
    • Creating Pull Requests (PRs): To fix issues or add new features, you can create pull requests. Here's how:
      • Fork the repository on GitHub to create your own copy of the project.
      • Create a local branch to work on your changes.
      • Request issue assignment if you're addressing a specific issue. You can look for "good first issue" labels to find beginner-friendly tasks.
      • Make the necessary changes and improvements in your local branch.
      • Once you're done, submit your PR for review by the Enatega development team.
      • If your changes are approved and merged into the main project, you'll be recognized as a contributor and listed in the contributor list.

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