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✅ 5 Uncommon Advices from one beginner coder to another beginner coder!

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Hello and Welcome Everyone!
Whether you are a beginner or an expert in programming.
If you are a beginner then learn from this and if you are an expert then your input is very valuable for all of the beginners.
First of all, why I'm qualified to write this post and why this will become your final blog to start.

My name is Manas Moon and I myself is not an expert in programming.
In fact I have less than 1 year of experience in this field, a pro-procrastinator and not mastered a single programing language until now.
But I'm improving myself day-by-day and I have taken guidance & advice from many industry experts and I have a habit to writing their advices in my notes.
In-short I'm sharing my personal notes of getting started in programming, this advices have helped me so far. Hope it does for you too.

⚠️ Disclaimer: Not everything written in this post will work for you, try it yourself first and whatever works for you, that works for you & ignore the rest as your ex ignores you.

Read this blog post till the end and you will have you own roadmap for getting started.
Okay then, Let's get started.

Advice 1: Don't waste your time searching for the best roadmap.

The best roadmap is one that helps you reach towards your goals.

10 people will have 10 different roadmaps but that roadmap is based on their experience, what have worked for them.

But what about us? Will that same roadmap work for us? May be! But for majority of us, it will not.
It will not because they created the roadmap according to challenges they faced throughout “their journey”.

So what to do??

There's a website I personally follow specific for roadmaps called as “” where all the roadmaps are available.
You can check it out, if you like.
Here's the link: ▶️

Every roadmap is great, and every roadmap will lead you towards some destination if followed till end.
The main question is “Is that your desired destination?”. If yes, Great! If not then change the path, not the goal.

You only care of completing the roadmap completely from the start to end, don't change the path between the journey.
The things that are left between your decided path can be learnt wherever needed. Everything is available on the internet you just have to search for it.

Advice 2: Your first programming language will never be your last programming language.

This advice is given to me by Rahul bhaiya who has 8+ years of experience in tech, so we can think this advice as a legit advice as other advices.

He told me that when he got his first job at that time he only knew one language that is Python, but the company uses Typescript.
He was very confident with his python skills but it was almost useless in that company because nobody works with python.

So he has to learn a completely new language from scratch.

Remember this little story of Rahul bhaiya because it will help you understand the next advice well.

He also told me when he switches the company every single time he has to learn a new language.
This advice is also give me by my many other mentors, so I believe in this.

As I remember he also told me that in tech if you stopped learning then both your personal as well as financial growth starts decreasing.
So, Keep Learning and Keep Growing.

What is your thoughts on this? Please comment.

So moving towards the next advice and Don't forget Rahul Bhaiya.

Advice 3: Master the basics and everything else will take care of it.

As you know everything has to start from zero. No matter how far or how big you have to become, but you have to start it from zero.

I'm a daily user of “First Principle Thinking Method”, so according to me:

Coding is nothing but a medium to give instructions to our computer so that they can work for us. Coding is nothing different than simple languages like English, Hindi and other languages. Also, English is nothing but the combination of 26 alphabets.

So similarly programming languages are also almost similar to each other, the main difference is how they are written (i.e. syntax)

Remember Rahul bhaiya?

The time he taken to learn new language from scratch is between 1-2 months only.

How he did it?
By mastering the basic concepts.

He also knew that coding is nothing but a language with which we can communicate with computers.

So he masted the basic concepts like variables, data types, functions, loops, statements, etc. That helped him learn everything with an unbelievable pace.

If the base is strong, the building stays long. ~ Manas Moon

Advice 4: Everyone tells you what have helped them, you must try yourself first before believing it.

You don't have to believe everything that has come to your ears. If you got time you should first try it out and then make any conclusions about it.

If you ask any advice from anyone, then will have their biased opinion based on their own personal experiences.

And you know, everyone got their own problems (meaning everyone's life is different). Their advice may or may not work for you, but if you try their advice then you will definitely find out what you whether that advice is working for you or not.

I have written less in this section because you can understand most of the context by reading the title and above part of this section.

So moving towards the last but not the least , final advice…

Advice 5: Celebrate the smallest progress you have made toward your goals.

It's hard to keep going when there is no one watching you work.

You have to become your THAT ONE friend that supports you, mentor that guides you and motivator that motivates you to keep going.

The best way nowadays for celebrating your progress is by Building In Public

You can use X(Twitter), LinkedIn, Instagram or any other social media platforms to share and celebrate your progress publicly.

I can tell from my personal experiences, with time you will make friends from all over the world that will help you whenever you are in need.

Keep your consistency on point and the rest is sorted.

So these are my 5 uncommon advices for beginner coders.

I have not included the general advices but you have to follow them too.

Advices like :

  • Be more consistent with your task completions.
  • Build more cool projects.
  • Practice, practice and practice more.
  • And more useless generic tips. (just ignore them) You must take care of them too.

Progressing on your coding journey may seem daunting at times, but remember that every step forward, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction.

Follow the advices that works for you. Keep Coding, Keep Learning, and Keep Pushing Yourself to new heights.
Thank you for reading.

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Happy Coding!


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