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Infrastructure and code in one language

A unified programming model that combines both infrastructure and application code into a single programming language.

  1. Compiles to IaC (TF, CDK, etc.) & Javascript
  2. Infrastructure resources are first-class citizens
  3. Automatic IAM policies and other cloud mechanics

Local simulation

Stay in your creative flow with minimal context switching and immediate feedback

  1. Run your cloud application in your local environment
  2. Visualize, interact, and debug locally
  3. Write unit test for complete cloud architectures

Apply DevOps at the right level

Use any cloud service and compile to multiple cloud providers and provisioning engines, with full control over how your infrastructure is configured and deployed

  1. Cloud-agnostic SDK for maximum portability
  2. Customizable infrastructure through plugins
  3. Supports any provider in the Terraform ecosystem

Designed for humans

Easy to learn and interoperates with existing stacks and tools

  1. Syntax inspired by modern application development languages like TypeScript, JavaScript, Swift, and more
  2. Statically-typed and simple language with powerful IDE tooling
  3. Interoperates with npm modules, CDK constructs and Terraform providers

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