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✅ Collate: Transform content overwhelm into a daily short email

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Hey all,

Built small app to upload your read-later list into a daily short email.

Upload your PDF and websites, the content gets analyzed and organized into topics.

You will receive daily articles based on your content.

Give it a go for free here!

Keen to know what you think!


✅ Collate: Transform content overwhelm into a daily short email

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✅ My new favorite email client for Linux has a handy fix for email overwhelm

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✅ How Do You Handle Overwhelm in Your Daily Life?

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✅ Growing number of endpoint security tools overwhelm users, leaving devices unprotected

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✅ Transform decorator (@transform) not working using web-pack in NestJs

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✅ Lenovo's Yoga 9i 2-in-1 is 'just short of a masterpiece,' and its new price is just short of jaw dropping

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✅ The brief said short so she made the story short 🎯 #Shorts

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✅ ZDE Podcast 188: 3 Dinge sind im Marketing wichtig. Content, Content und Content

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✅ Daily Standup Meeting: Ways To Keep It Short and Effective

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✅ How to transform cybersecurity learning and make content more engaging

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✅ Cisco Email Security Appliance up to 9.0 Content Filter Email Attachment Crash denial of service

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✅ HackerOne: Disclosure of Email title report in quick award paypout email (no content mode)

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✅ Cisco Email Security Appliance bis 9.0 Content Filter Email Attachment Crash Denial of Service

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✅ Reddit: Able to bypass email verification and change email to any other user email

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✅ PySpark Data Pipeline To Cleanse, Transform, Partition, and Load Data Into Redshift Database Table

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✅ Understand How to Transform Images into Text Easily

📈 18.74 Punkte

✅ Apple tests AI software to transform images into video

📈 18.74 Punkte

✅ How to transform Ubuntu into rolling release

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✅ Inside Apple's Massive Push To Transform the Mac Into a Gaming Paradise

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✅ You Can Now Transform the Atom Hackable Text Editor into an IDE with Atom-IDE

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✅ These 3 accessories transform my iPad into a laptop replacement (sometimes)

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✅ Get started with GitHub Copilot Workspace and transform issues into plans

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✅ The Power of NetHunter | Transform Your Android Into A Hacking Machine | zSecurity Tips | Hacking

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✅ How to transform your revolutionary idea into a reality: $100K Nokia Bell Labs Prize

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✅ Transform Text into Speech Instantly - Free & No Signup Required

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✅ Google in Talks To Transform Its Instant News Articles Into a Snapchat Rival

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