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✅ Starting Small: A Beginner's Diary

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Newbie Alert! 🚀

Hey everyone! I'm Dinesh Nadar, and I've decided to start writing blog to document my journey as a newbie software developer... Why? Well, because I've always been the curious type! I've spent hours tinkering with gadgets and exploring the digital world, and now I'm ready to dive deeper. This blog will be a place for me to share my wins, document my struggles, and hopefully connect with other aspiring developers who are also just starting out.

Short Introduction! 👋

A software developer currently based in India. I recently transitioned into the role of a Web developer, but before that, I worked as a backend developer. I've completed a MERN stack developer course as well as a Python course, all before diving into the corporate world! I hold a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

The Beginning:

Before starting bachelor’s degree in IT. I have enrolled into IT as a subject during higher studies during that time I never had a idea regarding the vast knowledge and Lessons awaits for me. My passion for technology was sparked early on, fueled by the fascination of games, mobile, computer and internet, initially during my school days I was curious about technology and tried to modify it, trying everything that possible as well repairing my pc whenever its breakdowns. That initial spark, that rush I felt when I fixed something, was what first drew me to the field of technology.

Challenges Faced:

  • During the initial days when I was just getting starting with the HTML in college. It was kind of boring and puzzled with a little bit of CSS knowledge creating a webpage in NOTEPAD where 50 to 60 lines blow one's mind. During the bachelor’s second year, I brought my first programming book C++ (250 pages). I was able to complete to the book in a month where I gone through the book reading like a comic book skipping the effortful sections solving problems in code editor.

  • When I enrolled myself in MERN stack course, I was well exposed to all the options I had in the field of software development. I was a above average student where I used to open my books only during the exam’s days maybe due to that habit of mine, I think I was never into the thing of being consistent. It was a big issue for me where somedays I used to code for hours and spending rest of the week doing nothing , I had many solution for the issue but applying was a difficult part for me. I was guided my mentor to keep a weekly goal of coding 14 hours a week 2 hours per day which I think helped me to a gain a momentum in my journey of becoming a better developer.

  • While working on my first several projects I had very tough time understanding the code which I have wrote a day before, debugging a error spending hours and even days in the end to find out that it was case-sensitive error where I have exported Hello and tried to import hello it was stressful but I think these where the valuable lessons to learn to become a better software developer.

  • Amidst of looking for an JOB, I was drowned by the things I need to learn , master and develop projects around it and still holding and refreshing the knowledge about the things I have learnt in the start . Every interviewer had a different approach of starting the interview and ending it, but I think most of the interviewer needed one thing In common and that was basic and confidence. I was obsessed the new languages ,library, framework and tools that I wanted to try everything thus skipping the basic fundamentals of web development (HTML and CSS) and hurrying to the advance (REACT, NODE,EXPRESS) which proved to be troublesome in my initial interviews.

  • As a backend developer during the initial weeks of my professional life I was overwhelmed by the number of lines of code, complex logic in a function and trying to understanding the logic and workings of it, Due to which I was always feared about the new task whenever I received.


• MERN STACK (25 / 01/ 2024)

My first MERN stack project where I was able to showcase my true potential by implementing all the skills I have learned in frontend and backend. Following the tutorial as well as applying my knowledge and following the best practices to make it best as possible

• FEAR (12 / 2023)

After working on multiple fearsome tasks, Finally I was able to understand the fearing the task won’t be much help and being starting the task as a challenge rather than a problem to be solved and tackling it with by taking time and trying to understand the current scenario and expected scenario.

• Hackathon (03/2023)

Participating with fellow learners in a Hackathon, where I was to take the leadership position and discuss work among mates, whereas I wasn't able to win the hackathon, it was great working with other developers and developing something in a short amount of time.

• A small step towards to growth (26/04/2024)

Taking the initiative in the meeting and sharing my expertise, knowledge, and ideas with my colleagues on how to broaden our knowledge, become better developers, and boost team productivity, where I was appreciated and took example of my points in the later meeting, where my points proved to be valuable and appreciated.

Learning Curve Confessions:

• The importance of Mentor/Fellow developer:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, During my journey of becoming a developer I have come across multiple Errors, some used to be out of skillset and some silly. In which I have spend hours in strain but whenever I have the tried to explain my issue to my mentor/fellow the error has been solved 50% at that moment as most of the unsolved errors are just due to the fact of not being able to understand the error and in some scenario by getting the help from others which they might have stumbled early on it. All your issues get solved in a minute for which you have might spend hours.

• The Value of Breaks and Rest:

Trying to fix an error scratching head trying to find solution using AI, blogs, videos google but still not able to fix it... I have come across these situations many times and I think the issue and the error wasn’t in the code but it was in the breakless coding doing and the solution was to take a break from the screen and many times I was able to come across the solution even without looking into the code or after returning to code. Not every time but sure works most of the time

• Balance Your Learning:

Software development is a vast ocean where no matter how many years you spend learning there is still something new to learn…. I used to feel quite overwhelmed when preparing for an interview because I attempted to learn everything there was to know in a single day. I would try to solve problems, prepare for HR rounds, work on projects, hunt for employment, and study new tools and languages out of curiosity, but none of it seemed successful. It's crucial to maintain a balance between learning new concepts and mastering current ones. Focusing too much on learning new technologies might result in limited comprehension, whereas neglecting to grasp new concepts may stall my progress as a developer.

Developer Essentials: Tips for Success

• Continuous Improvement:

Experiment with different languages and problem-solving methods to determine the best solution. It's crucial to continuously upskill by applying best practices of software development, as well as trying out new tools to maximize productivity and boost the pace of coding by trying out new tips and tricks on the market and becoming a better developer every day.

•Stay Updated, Stay Curious:

Staying ahead in the ever-evolving tech industry requires a dual approach: staying updated with industry trends and staying curious by exploring new technologies, frameworks, and languages. I make it a priority to read blogs, follow influential YouTubers, and actively explore emerging developments. This not only keeps me informed but also sharpens my skills, ensuring I stay at the forefront of software development.

•"Why, what, and how":

Will be sharing few steps truly mastery any new language, tool, library or a framework .

Why This question seeks to understand the purpose or reason behind something. It delves into the motivations and objectives.
What This question aims to identify or define something. It focuses on the subject or object in question.
How This question explores the method or process through which something happens or is achieved. It looks into the steps, procedures, or mechanisms involved.

These three questions can be used in various contexts, from problem-solving to decision-making, to gain a comprehensive understanding of a topic.

Go through the documentation, Master the fundamentals how things work
Try understanding code of others and then try yourself build something using it ….

Conclusion: This is my first blog, so please provide honest comments!

My journey as a novice software developer has been marked by challenges, accomplishments, and, most importantly, a lot of learning. From my early days of dabbling with electronics to my transition to the corporate world, I've faced several problems and overcome them with tenacity and dedication.

In my diary, I've shared my issues, milestones, and confessions regarding the learning curve, as well as some developer basics for success, in the hopes of connecting with other developers who are just starting.

As I continue on this adventure, I'm interested to see where it leads and to share my experiences, successes, and insights along the way. Here is to the journey ahead! 🚀


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