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Dilbert has a series: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. SMBC. And three more that make it clear this is a security vs. surveillance debate. Also this.......

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Crypton - Library Consisting Of Explanation And Implementation Of All The Existing Attacks On Various Encryption Systems, Digital Signatures, Hashing Algorithms

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Crypton is an educational library to learn and practice Offensive and Defensive Cryptography. It is basically a collection of explanation and implementation of all the existing vulnerabilities and attacks on various Encryption Systems (Symmetric and Asymmetric), Digital Signatures, Message Authentication Codes and Authenticated

Powershell-Backdoor-Generator - Obfuscated Powershell Reverse Backdoor With Flipper Zero And USB Rubber Ducky Payloads

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Reverse backdoor written in Powershell and obfuscated with Python. Allowing the backdoor to have a new signature after every run. Also can generate auto run scripts for Flipper Zero and USB Rubber Ducky. usage: [-h] [--ip-address IP_ADDRESS] [--port PORT] [--random] [--out OUT] [--verbose] [--delay DELAY] [--flipper FLI

TripleCross - A Linux eBPF Rootkit With A Backdoor, C2, Library Injection, Execution Hijacking, Persistence And Stealth Capabilities.

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TripleCross is a Linux eBPF rootkit that demonstrates the offensive capabilities of the eBPF technology. TripleCross is inspired by previous implant designs in this area, notably the works of Jeff Dileo at DEFCON 271, Pat Hogan at DEFCON 292, Guillaume

AES Finder - Utility To Find AES Keys In Running Processes

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Utility to find AES keys in running process memory. Works for 128, 192 and 256-bit keys. Usage Open aes-finder.sln solution in Visual Studio 2013 to compile source. Alternatively use gcc/clang: g++ -O3 -march=native -fomit-frame-pointer aes-find

An Introduction to Database Encryption

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Database encryption is a critical security measure that protects sensitive data from unauthorised access or tampering. In this article, we will introduce database encryption, with a brief overview of the various types of encryption, its benefits, and so

Shell Backdoor List - PHP / ASP Shell Backdoor List

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What is a shell backdoor ?A backdoor shell is a malicious piece of code (e.g. PHP, Python, Ruby) that can be uploaded to a site to gain access to files stored on that site. Once it is uploaded, the hacker can use it to edit, delete, or download any files o

Can Artificial Intelligence Restore 85-Year-Old Popeye Cartoons?

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A Slashdot reader shared an anonymous tip about "new consumer-grade artificial intelligence employed to restore 85 year-old Popeye cartoons, using only the available digital copies as sources for the remastering." It's eerie to see vintage cartoons

Client provided keys with Azure Storage server-side encryption

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Microsoft Azure Storage offers several options to encrypt data at rest. With client-side encryption you can encrypt data prior to uploading it to Azure Storage. You can also choose to have Azure Storage manage encryption operations with server-side encrypti

Understanding and Implementing Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in Node.js with TypeScript

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Hello, my dear followers! If this is the first time you've visited my page, a warm welcome to you. My name is Jamshid, and I'm thrilled to share a topic that's not only fascinating but also incredibly important in our digital world: the Advanced Encryptio

BetterBackdoor - A Backdoor With A Multitude Of Features

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A backdoor is a tool used to gain remote access to a machine.Typically, backdoor utilities such as NetCat have 2 main functions: to pipe remote input into cmd or bash and output the response. This is useful, but it is also limited. BetterBackdoor o

Secure your data: cryptography in Nodejs

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Cryptography is a branch of computer science that deals with using mathematical algorithms to encrypt and decrypt data. It is used to secure data from unauthorized access, ensure its integrity, and authenticate its origin. Cryptography is also used to

WeBaCoo -- Web Backdoor Cookie Script-Kit

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WeBaCoo (Web Backdoor Cookie) is a web backdoor script tool used to provide a stealth terminal-like connection via HTTP between the client and web server. It is a post exploitation tool capable to maintain access to a compromised web server. WeBaCoo w