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Ableton with asio working in Virtualbox (70-80%)

Linux Tipps vom 06.12.2018 um 15:03 Uhr | Quelle reddit.com

I want to report that

Ableton 10.0.2 realtime (10-20 ms latency latenza accettabile ) is working On playback audio and midi recording in

virtual Windows 7 with guest addictions 5.5.22 as guest in

Virtualbox 5.2.22 hosted by ubuntu 18.04 host using a

Behringer UCA222 or UCG102 (NO UA25 or Focusrite scarlette solo2) and


a usb midi keyboard lpk25 akay and

USB3 Intel driver (xHCI) !!! (MOST IMPORTANT ). https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/21129/USB-3-0-Driver-Intel-USB-3-0-eXtensible-Host-Controller-Driver-for-Intel-7-Series-C216-Chipset-Family

poor performance on recording audio noise at less than 192 sample ( 15-20 ms latency) for input

submitted by /u/monnezzaio
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