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RX 590 Black Screen on boot

Linux Tipps vom 11.01.2019 um 23:39 Uhr | Quelle reddit.com


Recently got an RX 590 and can't get it to display in Kubuntu 18.10, kernal 18.03. I had this issue with a previously installed version of the LTS kubuntu 18.04, as well as the installer for 18.10. To install the latest version I used a different card. But regardless, Upon relasing that this issues wan't related to my previous version (18.04) I manually installed the amd drivers by booting into safe mode, which works with the 590, and installing the latest proprietary drivers. This issues has still continued and basically means the £260 card is a paper weight atm.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated and if anyone needs more information ask away and I shall provide what I can.

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