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Multi use bootable USB stick

Linux Tipps vom 12.01.2019 um 19:34 Uhr | Quelle reddit.com

Considering ost Linux distros are only 1 to 4 GB size, but must lesser than 2GB on most cases while On the other hand commercial USB flashdrives and microSD cards are 16GB or even 128GB while is more difficult and sometimes more expensive buying a 8 or 4GB memory.

Sometimes you want to boot different OS's and some storage spaces with many different USB drives. But his leaves us with the problem of a lot of storage waste, for example: you end up with 3 drives (two of 16, one of 32) for 2 OSs and some storage space where just one of 32GB would have been more than enough.

I wonder if I can partition a USB stick in a way it let's me boot my distro and use the rest of space for storage or boot other distros. Is there any way to achieve this? Would it work?

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