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dcure: remove systemd from your distro and replace it with openRC (for now)

Linux Tipps vom 12.01.2019 um 20:18 Uhr | Quelle reddit.com

Hi guys,

This is dcure for people who do not like systemd! It makes it possible to still use your favourite distro with all the nice OOTB setting and make-up and at the same time not have your system bloated with a pseudo-modularized monolithic monstrosity that does not even solve any problems that supposedly existed in the first place. This is a working POC and I would love people to help me improve on this.

I have been at this script for about 10 days now. I have continuously tested it in VirtualBox on Arch and Manjaro. Since, yesterday I then, after a perfect try in virtualbox, had the courage to try it on my productive system. I now have a Manjaro i3 running with openRC 0.40.3.

I then copied the mirrorlists, keyrings and pacman.conf from my old artix system and ran an update. So it would be more right to say this is now ArtixLinux, not really Manjaro anymore, although some userspace applications and packages from Manjaro remain.

In my opinion if you now your system well and blacklist a few packages in pacman.conf this migration would have been optional.

I guess, I involuntarily also invented a much more easy way to migrate Arch and Manjaro to Artix although that was not my goal at all.

When I used the script on my system it went perfect. Just rebooted and booted into i3 again and logged in.

Unfortunately now, I still experience some issues though. In some cases after my successful system migration when I ran the script after I did what I thought were minor improvements, the DM/DE wouldn't get started right away due to some issues with dbus parsing file errors. I cannot quite replicate this. Also I saw some "liblightdm and libnm* libraries are empty warnings" when using pacman.

Also sound cards were not detected after I ran the script. After I migrated Manjaro to ArtixLinux and did a system update they worked fine, again. By now I have a perfectly working system, again with no drawbacks from using this script whatsoever!

I don't know what happened in the cases I described above. My approach was generally to make sure that ldconfig throws no errors, that dbus works and that xf86-video-wmare or xf86-video-amdgpu was installed correctly.

I guess with my ongoing LPIC-2, my admin job, and my Cross Linux from Scratch project I know linux very well by now, but here I was missing some pieces.

So, I just wanted to make this public and avoid myself getting caught in perfectionism which in my case is always a bad turn.

I hope some of you guys are way smarter than me and take my script as a well-working proof of concept and then improve it. I would also love people to help me to integrate a choice for installing runit, s6 and sysvinit and also make the script work on the RedHat and the Debian family. You are welcome to join the git repo. I have never worked with people on git before so you would explain to me how I would accept your requests and grand you rights etc.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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