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Browsing habits

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So, on a quest to security (and privacy through security) I've been using a variety of browsers. My current setup is:

-firefox w/security and privacy addons for everyday browsing, researching, etc.,

-palemoon (w/addons) for mildly secure things (social media, everything with a password I don't really care about, reddit,...)

-waterfox (w/addons) for important stuff (banking, important accounts, things I do care about)

Addons are httpseverywhere, decentraleyes, ublock, privacy badger, tridactyl (because I won't start using my mouse, no matter what). Waterfox also has noscript.

Can I do better? I'm not ready to go the full mile and start using qubesOS/a ton of vms, I don't want to feel paranoid, but if I'm making blatant mistakes let me know.

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