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VirIT eXplorer Anti-Virus bis 8.5.41 Driver VIAGLT64.SYS unbekannte Schwachstelle

vom 261.11 Punkte
In VirIT eXplorer Anti-Virus bis 8.5.41 wurde eine Schwachstelle entdeckt. Sie wurde als problematisch eingestuft. Es geht um eine unbekannte Funktion der Bibliothek VIAGLT64.SYS der Komponente Driver. Die genauen Auswirkungen eines erfolgreichen Angrif

Genetic Paparazzi Are Right Around the Corner

vom 141.06 Punkte
Liza Vertinsky, Professor of Law, University of Maryland, and Yaniv Heled, Associate Professor of Law, Georgia State University, writing for The Conversation: Every so often stories of genetic theft, or extreme precautions taken to avoid it, make headline

Anti-Web bis 3.8.7 cgi-bin/write.cgi template Directory Traversal

vom 104.44 Punkte
Es wurde eine problematische Schwachstelle in Anti-Web bis 3.8.7 ausgemacht. Es betrifft eine unbekannte Funktion der Datei cgi-bin/write.cgi. Mittels Manipulieren des Arguments template mit einer unbekannten Eingabe kann eine Directory Traversal-Schw

'Doom Eternal' Is Using Denuvo's New Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat Driver

vom 87.04 Punkte
"Doom Eternal has become the latest game to use a kernel-level driver to aid in detecting cheaters in multiplayer matches," reports Ars Technica: The game's new driver and anti-cheat tool come courtesy of Denuvo parent Irdeto, a company once known for

ShowStopper - Anti-Debug tricks exploration tool

vom 87.04 Punkte
The ShowStopper project is a tool to help malware researchers explore and test anti-debug techniques or verify debugger plugins or other solutions that clash with standard anti-debug methods. With this tool, you can attach a debugger to its process and research t

Facebook Becomes 'A Haven For the Anti-Vaccination Movement'

vom 75.43 Punkte
"As a disturbing number of measles outbreaks crop up around the United States, Facebook is facing challenges combating widespread misinformation about vaccinations on its platform," reported the Washington Post Wednesday, saying Facebook "has become a

Tile Ads Undetectable Anti-Theft Mode To Tracking Devices, With $1 Million Fine If Used For Stalking

vom 75.43 Punkte
AirTag competitor Tile today announced a new Anti-Theft Mode for Tile tracking devices, which is designed to make Tile accessories undetectable by the anti-stalking Scan and Secure feature. MacRumors reports: Scan and Secure is a security measure that

EA Announces Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat System For PC Games

vom 69.63 Punkte
Electronics Arts (EA) is launching a new kernel-level anti-cheat system that's been developed in-house to protect its games from tampering and cheaters. It'll debut first in FIFA 23 but not all of its games will implement the system. The Verge reports:

GoLogin vs. MultiLogin vs. MuLogin: Similarities and Differences for the Best Results

vom 69.63 Punkte
GoLogin vs. MultiLogin vs. MuLogin: Similarities and Differences for the Best Results

Al-Khaser - Public Malware Techniques used in the Wild: Virtual Machine, Emulation, Debuggers, Sandbox detection

vom 63.83 Punkte
Introduction about Al-Khaser    Al-Khaser is a PoC "malware" application with good intentions that aims to stress your anti-malware system. It performs a bunch of common malware tricks with the goal of seeing if you stay under the radar.Download Al-Kha

Amazon Removes Anti-Vaccine Movies After CNN Inquiry

vom 63.83 Punkte
"Amazon has apparently started removing anti-vaccine documentaries from its Amazon Prime Video streaming service," reports CNN: The move came days after a CNN Business report highlighted the anti-vaccine content available on the site, and hours after

Bitdefender Produkte: Schwachstelle ermöglicht Umgehen von Sicherheitsvorkehrungen

vom 63.83 Punkte
Bitdefender Antivirus ist eine Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware und Anti-Malware Lösung. Bitdefender Internet Security ist eine Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware und Anti-Spam Lösung. Bitdefender Total Security ist eine Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware