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Field of Glory: Empires Review (PC)

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Witness the rise of the Roman Republic in 310 BC to the fall of the Roman Empire in 190 AD in a highly-detailed grand strategy game Before even starting to talk about the game itself, I have to admit that I for one am more of a RTS type of person, as I love things to be always on the move and I like to see how my soldiers fight. While I do enjoy TBS games as well, something about grand strategy games make me feel like I’m playing an elaborate game of chess rather than enjoying the mayhem of war with hundreds of soldiers. Since I wasn’t a fan of the genre to begin with, let alone the game series itself, I had to do some research  and a bit of a background check to see what exactly I was dealing with. Of course, this research involved looking at footage from other similar games, and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed at how Field of Glory: Empires looked compared to other titles. The graphics Because the game is a grand strategy title, it prob......

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