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Securing files

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Hey, so when I was younger I shared a computer with my dad. As I had to hide my... Downloads from him, I used to 7zip them in an encrypted zip. After that I converted it to a txt file and took an amount of gibberish out into another txt file (enough to corrupt the archive). I then saved one into a computer game folder (I think as a dll? Or maybe a data file to blend in) and another one somewhere in sys 32.

Obviously this was massive overkill as my dad wasn't that computer literate. Something I watched recently got me thinking about it again though. How secure would that actually be against someone with a lot of power and time to spend (i.e governments). Would you even be able to find the files hidden away like that? And even then how would you know to combine them? Completely theoretical but it could be a practical way to secure rarely accessed files.

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