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➤ Help, my phone is spying me for facebook

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Title pretty much say it all.

A couple month ago I started seeing ads popping on Facebook that literally could only be generated by listening to me talking. I could even tell when and with who it was recorded.

I absolutely freaked out and un installed Facebook messenger on the spot.

Now I see the casual conversation I had yesterday (not on the phone BTW, irl and face to face) about learning python translated miraculously into a learn python commercial.

So there is something activating my microphone and spying me for facebook. I deactivated Google voice as much as I can long time ago but I use whatsapp. I'm on android. I use Facebook on a opera browser, no app.

Is there any auditing tool or trick to find the culprit?

Also, I'm European so pretty sure I'm legally protected against that Orwellian shit

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