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    Interesting new packages (mostly desktop) to try in Debian 10

    vom 293.43 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Debian 10 Buster will be released in a few days. A while ago I subscribed to http://packages.debian.org/unstable/main/newpkg?format=rss (yeah now it's empty but expect some noise when buster comes out) to stay informed of upcoming packages in the next
  • 2.

    Guided in-process fuzzing of Chrome components

    vom 155.96 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Posted by Max Moroz, Chrome Security Engineer and Kostyra Serebryany, Sanitizer TsarIn the past, we’ve posted about innovations in fuzzing, a software testing technique used to discover coding errors and security vulnerabilities. The topics have incl
  • 3.

    Improving form controls in Microsoft Edge and Chromium

    vom 107.22 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Since we began work on the next version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, we’ve been investigating ways to modernize form controls to provide a modern appearance as well as the touch friendliness and accessibility that our users expect from Microsoft Ed
  • 4.

    Mitigating Spectre with Site Isolation in Chrome

    vom 102.35 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Posted by Charlie Reis, Site IsolatorSpeculative execution side-channel attacks like Spectre are a newly discovered security risk for web browsers. A website could use such attacks to steal data or login information from other websites that are open in the b
  • 5.

    Chrome Fuzzer Program Update And How-To

    vom 102.35 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Posted by Max Moroz, Fuzzing Evangelist, and Ned Williamson, Fuzzing Entrepreneur TL;DR We increased the Chrome Fuzzer Program bonus from $500 to $1,000 as part of our recent update of reward amounts. Chrome Fuzzer Program is a part of the Google Chrome Vulnerability Reward Program that lets security researchers run their
  • 6.

    Intent to Explain: Demystifying the Blink Shipping Process

    vom 102.35 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    If you’re a standards-curious web developer, you may have wondered how features get added to browsers, or even how the Chrome team decides what they will work on. You probably also have, at least at some point, thought to yourself “I have this urge
  • 7.

    Is that GNOME memory leak fix or so low to be noticed?

    vom 77.42 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    I never able to understand that memory leak issue. Is that any special hardware specific. I watched https://youtu.be/zQCOO-9HZvU many times, and I can't reproduce that. free -h shows same ram used no matter how many times I press meta key. What's the p
  • 8.

    Debian 10 BUSTER Linux Based Operating System Released

    vom 73.36 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Debian Linux Distro ‘Buster’ OS Released. The developer takes 25 months to develop the Debian Buster or can say Debian 10. In this release,... The post Debian 10 BUSTER Linux Based Operating System Released appeared first on HackersOnlineClub.
  • 9.

    Debian 9 (Stretch) Will Be Released Today

    vom 69.04 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    The Debian Project has been liveblogging today's release of Debian 9 (Stretch) using the Twitter hashtag #releasingstretch. Some of the announcements: The oldstable suite (wheezy) has now been renamed to oldoldstableDebian jessie now been renamed to
  • 10.

    Linux Kernel 4.9.x Extended BPF Verifier kernel/bpf/verifier.c Pufferüberlauf

    vom 69.04 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    In Linux Kernel 4.9.x, ein Betriebssystem, wurde eine kritische Schwachstelle entdeckt. Es geht um eine unbekannte Funktion der Datei kernel/bpf/verifier.c der Komponente Extended BPF Verifier. Mit der Manipulation mit einer unbekannten Eingabe kann eine Pu
  • 11.

    Debian Linux Turns 25

    vom 64.73 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    BrianFagioli writes: Debian is one of the most important open source projects ever. The Debian Linux operating system is extremely popular in its own right, but also, it is used as the base for countless other distributions. Ubuntu, for instance -- one
  • 12.

    Google Moves To Debian For In-house Linux Desktop

    vom 60.41 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Google has officially confirmed the company is shifting its in-house Linux desktop from the Ubuntu-based Goobuntu to a new Linux distro, the DebianTesting-based gLinux. From a report: Margarita Manterola, a Google Engineer, quietly announced Google would

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