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    SQL Injection Payload List

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    SQL InjectionIn this section, we'll explain what SQL injection is, describe some common examples, explain how to find and exploit various kinds of SQL injection vulnerabilities, and summarize how to prevent SQL injection.What is SQL injection (SQLi)?SQL
  • 2.

    'App Truthers' Question the Accuracy of the Domino's Pizza Tracker

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    Despite the fact that 60% of its pizza orders arrive digitally, "A growing number of Domino's delivery customers are casting a critical eye at the company's online pizza-tracking app," reports the lifestyle editor at Fox News. "More specifically, they
  • 3.

    Bürgerrechtler starten Klage-Serie gegen die Vorratsdatenspeicherung

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    Könnte umfallen wie Dominos: Die deutsche Vorratsdatenspeicherung. CC-BY 2.0 Bro. Jeffrey Pioquinto, SJDie Vorratsdatenspeicherung hat durch das Urteil des Oberverwaltungsgerichts NRW einen herben Rückschlag einstecken müssen. Das nutzt jetzt die Gesell
  • 4.

    Domino's Market Tests A Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Car

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    An anonymous reader quotes CNN: Someday soon your Domino's Pizza could be delivered to you -- without an actual delivery person. Ford and Domino's are testing out a specially-equipped Ford Fusion that comes not only with self-driving technology but also
  • 5.

    Within Next Five Years Your Pizzas Will Probably Be Delivered by Autonomous Cars, Domino's Pizza CEO Says

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    In an interview with The Street, Domino's Pizza outgoing CEO Patrick Doyle said in three to five years at the earliest he expects driverless cars and voice orders to shift the way the world orders pizza. From the report: "We have been investing in natural
  • 6.

    Domino's Will Deliver Pizza By Drone and By Robot

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    An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes CNN Money's report that "pizzas will soon be dropping from the heavens": Domino's demonstrated its ability to deliver food via a drone Thursday in New Zealand and plans to test actual deliveries to customers next month.
  • 7.

    Fast Food: Bundeswehrbung auf Pizzapackungen kostet 202.000 Euro

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    Screenshot: DFG-VK, Youtube—Die Bundeswehr hat für ihre YouTube-Serie "Die Rekruten" mehr als sieben Millionen Euro ausgegeben. Etwa 200.000 Euro davon fielen für Werbung auf Pizzapackungen an, die das Verteidigungsministerium kostenlos an Pizz
  • 8.

    Apparently, People Say 'Thank You' To Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Vehicles

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    An anonymous reader shares a report: Last summer, Ford worked with Domino's Pizza on a test in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where it delivered pizza to randomly chosen customers in a self-driving Ford Fusion hybrid. An operator was inside the car, and a regular
  • 9.

    TA18-276B: Advanced Persistent Threat Activity Exploiting Managed Service Providers

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    Original release date: October 3, 2018Systems Affected Network Systems Overview The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) is aware of ongoing APT actor activity attempting to infiltrate the networks of global managed serv
  • 10.

    Messaging Practices

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    This post is a collection of content from David Boike from the Particular.net blog calling out some common problems and solutions for building message based distributed systems. They are relevant to anyone building apps using messaging, and anyone buildin
  • 11.

    Seattle Startup 'Picnic' Unveils Pizza-Making Robot That Makes 300 Pies/Hour

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    Seattle startup Picnic has emerged from stealth mode with a system that assembles custom pizzas with little human intervention. According to GeekWire, "Picnic's platform assembles up to 300 12-inch pizzas per hour, far faster than most restaurants would
  • 12.

    TA18-074A: Russian Government Cyber Activity Targeting Energy and Other Critical Infrastructure Sectors

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    Original release date: March 15, 2018Systems Affected Domain ControllersFile ServersEmail ServersOverview This joint Technical Alert (TA) is the result of analytic efforts between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bu