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    How Reliable Are 10TB and 12TB Hard Drives? Backblaze Publishes Q1 2018 Hard Drive Reliability

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    Wolfrider writes: Backblaze's hard drive report for the first quarter 2018 makes very interesting reading for anyone who is interested in hard drive performance and reliability. As of March 31, 2018, the company had 100,110 hard drives working for it,
  • 2.

    Sex Workers Say Porn On Google Drive Is Suddenly Disappearing

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    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Porn performer Avey Moon was trying to send the lucky winner of her Chaturbate contest his prize -- one of her videos, titled "POV Blowjob" -- through her Google Drive account. But it wouldn't send,
  • 3.

    8TB Drives Are Highly Reliable, Says Backblaze

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    An anonymous reader writes from a report via Yahoo News: Cloud backup and storage provider Backblaze has published its hard drive stats for Q2 2016. Yahoo News reports: "The report is based on data drives, not boot drives, that are deployed across the
  • 4.

    "Fauxpersky" Credential Stealer Spreads via USB Drives

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    A recently discovered credential stealing malware is masquerading as Kaspersky Antivirus and spreading via infected USB drives, according to threat detection firm Cybereason. Dubbed Fauxpersky, the keylogger was written in AutoIT or AutoHotKey, which are simple tools to writ
  • 5.

    Instagram Launches Disappearing Live Video and Messages

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    Instagram is continuing to add features to its service to woo Snapchat and Periscope users. Today, the company will be rolling out two big new features to Instagram Stories on iOS and Android: live video on Instagram Stories and disappearing photos and
  • 6.

    Arctic Summer Melt Shows Ice Is Disappearing Faster Than Normal

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    Ice covering the Arctic Ocean reached the second-lowest level recorded for this time of year after July temperatures spiked in areas around the North Pole. From a report: The rate of ice loss in the region is a crucial indicator for the world's climate
  • 7.

    Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2017

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    BackBlaze is back with its hard drive reliability report. From the blog post: Beginning in April 2013, Backblaze has recorded and saved daily hard drive statistics from the drives in our data centers. Each entry consists of the date, manufacturer, model,
  • 8.

    Scientists Perfect Technique To Create Most Dense, Solid-State Memory in History that Could Soon Exceed the Capabilities of Current Hard Drives By 1,000 Times

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    New submitter weedjams shares a report: Scientists at the University of Alberta have demonstrated a new data storage technique that stores zeroes and ones by the presence (or absence) of individual hydrogen atoms. The resulting storage density is an unparalleled
  • 9.

    The Billion-Dollar Bet on the Future of Magnetic Storage

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    For several decades, the areal density of hard disks increased by an average of nearly 40 percent each year. But in recent years, that rate has slowed to around 10 percent. Seagate and Western Digital, the leading manufacturers of hard drives, differ
  • 10.

    I bought a used server on ebay that was LOADED with private company data, what should I do?

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    If this story sounds familiar, it's because I've posted it a few places already over the past year. Here's the very short of it: ​ I bought a used server on ebay, from a computer recycler, not from *the* company. Server had hard drives LOADED with per
  • 11.

    Intel Launches Optane Memory That Makes Standard Hard Drives Perform Like SSDs

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    MojoKid writes: Intel has officially launched its Optane Memory line of Solid State Drives today, lifting embargo on performance benchmark results as well. Optane Memory is designed to accelerate the storage subsystem on compatible machines, to improve
  • 12.

    Gizmodo's Disappearing Story Explains Why No One Trusts Facebook

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    "On Friday, Gizmodo uncovered shocking new evidence that Facebook is using its platform to suppress stories about CEO Mark Zuckerberg..." reports Gizmodo, adding "or maybe his janky, busted-ass website is just bugging out again for no reason. It's hard

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