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Halo: Reach plays just fine on the Surface Pro 7 with Core i5 CPU

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The Halo: Reach port for PC runs well even on the fanless Surface Pro 7, making it a fun throwback. Microsoft released Halo: Reach yesterday, and our full review gives the game high marks for the port to PC. But the question for many is how well does it play on even mid-range hardware in 2019? It turns out, it's good enough. The Surface Pro 7 with a Core i5 processor is a solid performer and with the recent massive sale an extraordinary value. It also plays Halo: Reach just fine. Remember Reach (on modern hardware) Halo: Reach on PC $10 at Microsoft $10 at Steam From the beginning, you know the end Though not perfect, Halo: Reach's PC port is well-done, and its quality should excite fans about the other Halo games coming to the platform in the future. Halo: Reach settings and experience Installing Halo: Reach will take some time, as you need around 20GB of space for the entire game. The game runs fine with 8GB of RAM, but you'll also want to make sure your web browse......


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