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786K [EMAIL:PASS] COMBO [Fortnite,Netflix,Spotify,Hulu,Deezer,Steam]

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    Steam Browser Protocol Insecurity (when local bugs go remote) [15 Oct 2012]

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    Original PDF https://revuln.com/files/ReVuln_Steam_Browser_Protocol_Insecurity.pdf   STEAM BROWSER PROTOCOL INSECURITY (WHEN LOCAL BUGS GO REMOTE) Luigi Auriemma and Donato Ferrante ReVuln http://revuln.com [email protected] http://twitter.com/revuln 15 October 2012 Abstract In this paper we will uncover and demonstrate a novel and interesting way
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    Steam Service Security [10 Jul 2014]

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    Original PDF https://revuln.com/files/ReVuln_Steam_Service_Security.pdf   STEAM SERVICE SECURITY BY LUIGI AURIEMMA How a malware or an exploit can use the Steam local service to escalate its privileges.   ReVuln Ltd. http://revuln.com @revuln [email protected]
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    Steam Voip Security [04 Jul 2014]

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    Original PDF https://revuln.com/files/ReVuln_Steam_Voip_Security.pdf   STEAM VOIP SECURITY BY LUIGI AURIEMMA Overview and details about the security issues found in the Steam voice framework. ReVuln Ltd. http://revuln.com @revuln [email protected]
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    Netflix seems broken again with Firefox on Linux

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    Netflix on Linux with Firefox has been working fine for months without issue, and today started throwing the F7121-1331 error code. The "technical" page on this error simply recommends upgrading or trying another browser. Thinking that Netflix might want to k
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    Using ML to Stop Latent Email Attacks That Dodge Early Detection

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    Editor's Note: This blog post was originally found on the Agari Email Security blog. https://i.redd.it/7c4i38jbupc31.png By Scot Kennedy When implemented effectively, real-world deployments of machine learning (ML)-based email security can block
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    Exploiting Steam Lobbies and Matchmaking [18 Sep 2014]

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    Original PDF https://revuln.com/files/ReVuln_Exploiting_Steam_Lobbies.pdf   EXPLOITING STEAM LOBBIES AND MATCHMAKING BY LUIGI AURIEMMA Description of the security vulnerabilities that affected the Steam lobbies and all the games using the Steam Matchmaking fun
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    Hashcat v4.2.1 - World's Fastest and Most Advanced Password Recovery Utility

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    hashcat is the world's fastest and most advanced password recovery utility, supporting five unique modes of attack for over 200 highly-optimized hashing algorithms. hashcat currently supports CPUs, GPUs, and other hardware accelerators on Linux, Windows, and O
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    Hulu Lowers Prices After Netflix Raises Theirs

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    Coincidentally, as Netflix raised their prices last week, Hulu decided to lower theirs. The streaming service is now offering a plan, which includes commercials, for $5.99 per month for the first year -- a short-term promotion aimed at luring new subs
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    Hulu Finally Adds Downloads For Offline Mobile Viewing

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    Hulu is finally allowing users to download TV shows and movies to their mobile devices to watch without an internet connection. Variety reports: The download feature, which has been several years in the works, gives Hulu subscribers on the $11.99 no-commercials
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    Disney is Taking Full Control of Hulu

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    Disney's takeover of Hulu is just about complete. Comcast on Tuesday agreed to sell its ownership stake in the streaming video service to Disney. The sale won't happen for at least another five years, but Disney will take full operational control of Hulu
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    X10 Deezer Premium

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    Hidden Content Compte : [email protected]:08121971 Capture: <------------> -> Abonnement: Deezer Premium <------------> Compte : [email protected]:05111985 Capture: <------------> -> Abonnement: Deezer Pr
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    X10 Deezer Premium

    vom 134.81 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    Hidden Content Compte : [email protected]:08121971 Capture: <------------> -> Abonnement: Deezer Premium <------------> Compte : [email protected]:05111985 Capture: <------------> -> Abonnement: Deezer Pr

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