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x454 | HULU | Fresh Cracked | Premium | No Commercials | Live TV | HBO | STARZ

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    27-08-2019 | Socks 5 & 4

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    27-08-2019 | socks 5 & 4

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    LIVE ~ | 0.287 | Wilmington | DE | 19893 | United States | Checked at vn5socks.net LIVE ~ | 0.225 | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Checked at vn5socks.net LIVE ~ | 0.359 | Santa B
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    HBO Max Will Reportedly Get a Cheaper, Ad-Supported Tier In 2021

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    According to Reuters, AT&T is exploring an ad-supported tier for HBO Max that would launch in 2021. "That's one year after HBO Max is expected to launch as an ad-free subscription service," reports The Verge. "Reuters suggests that HBO Max is likely
  • 4.

    HBO and Cinemax Come To Hulu, But You'll Need the New App To Watch

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    An anonymous reader shares a report: Hulu this morning announced it's finally adding HBO as an optional add-on for subscribers, as well as HBO-owned Cinemax. The premium networks will be offered to those who subscribe to Hulu's on-demand service plus
  • 5.

    Hulu Launches Its Live TV Streaming Service

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    Hulu has officially unveiled its $40-a-month live-television streaming service to help it better compete against larger rivals like Netflix. Fortune reports: On Wednesday morning, Hulu announced the launch of the public beta version of Hulu with Live
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    Hulu, AT&T To Test 'Pause Ads' In 2019, Automatically Playing Commercials When You Hit Pause

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    An anonymous reader quotes a report from MacRumors: Streaming TV services offered by companies like Hulu and AT&T are testing the waters for a new type of advertising called "pause ads." The idea behind pause ads is that instead of facing forced commercial
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    Announcing the general availability of Azure premium files

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    Highly performant, fully managed file service in the cloud! Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Azure premium files for customers optimizing their cloud-based file shares on Azure. Premium files offers a higher level of
  • 8.

    Hulu Finally Adds Downloads For Offline Mobile Viewing

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    Hulu is finally allowing users to download TV shows and movies to their mobile devices to watch without an internet connection. Variety reports: The download feature, which has been several years in the works, gives Hulu subscribers on the $11.99 no-commercials
  • 9.

    Hulu Lowers Prices After Netflix Raises Theirs

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    Coincidentally, as Netflix raised their prices last week, Hulu decided to lower theirs. The streaming service is now offering a plan, which includes commercials, for $5.99 per month for the first year -- a short-term promotion aimed at luring new subs
  • 10.

    Disney is Taking Full Control of Hulu

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    Disney's takeover of Hulu is just about complete. Comcast on Tuesday agreed to sell its ownership stake in the streaming video service to Disney. The sale won't happen for at least another five years, but Disney will take full operational control of Hulu
  • 11.

    Plex's DVR Can Now Automatically Remove Commercials For You

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    Plex has updated its DVR, adding a new feature to automatically remove commercials. According to Digital Trends, "The feature was added in an update the Plex team pushed out over the weekend. You'll need to manually enable the feature by heading into
  • 12.

    Kids In 'Netflix Only' Homes Are Being Saved From 230 Hours of Commercials a Year, Says Report

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    With more kids than ever using streaming services like Netflix for their entertainment, Exstreamist wanted to see what this means for the advertising industry. They were able to determine that kids in "Netflix Only" homes are saved from just over 230

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