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Received a strange file on my e-mail

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Hello all, I received a phishing mail containing a .htm file and a very catchy body text. I opened the file on my notepad and this is the content: ​ <script type="text/javascript">var _9XG8H7P=["\x50\x47\x68\x30\x62\x57\x77\x2b\x50\x47\x68\x6c\x5

MyCanalPlus.com x79

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Potential candidate for open source bootloaders? Complete removal of Intel ME firmware possible on certain Intel HEDT/Server platforms

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(Also posted on r/Intel, r/hardware, r/privacy, r/libreboot and r/coreboot) ​ Introduction ​ Recently, Github user nkht has reported success in removing the entire Intel ME firmware from his/her Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard. Apparently, the Intel ME Watchdog is not active i

myCanal Acounts x79

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Team Security Diskussion über MyCanalPlus.com x79