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  2. PC im Switch-Format, Notebook mit 7 Displays,...


PC im Switch-Format, Notebook mit 7 Displays,...

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In diesem Video haben wir die Highlights der Technik-Messe CES 2020 in Las Vegas für Sie zusammenfasst....


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    Diving Deep Into a Pwn2Own Winning WebKit Bug

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    Pwn2Own Tokyo just completed, and it got me thinking about a WebKit bug used by the team of Fluoroacetate (Amat Cama and Richard Zhu) at this year’s Pwn2Own in Vancouver. It was a part of the chain that earned them $55,000 and was a nifty piece of
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    MindShaRE: Hardware Reversing with the TP-Link TL-WR841N Router

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    In early 2019, we received a bug submission from a new researcher affecting the TP-Link TL-WR841N Router. While this vulnerability is still in disclosure phase, we would like to share lessons learned when we were vetting this submission. TL-WR841N
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    Transforming your data in Azure SQL Database to columnstore format

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    We are excited to reveal a public preview of a new feature in Azure SQL Database, both in logical server and Managed Instance, called CLUSTERED COLUMNSTORE ONLINE INDEX build. This operation enables you to migrate your data stored in row-store format to the columnstore format and maintain your columnstore data structur
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    Local Privilege Escalation in Win32k.sys Through Indexed Color Palettes

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    This is the second in our series of Top 5 interesting cases from 2019. Each of these bugs has some element that sets them apart from the more than 1,000 advisories released by the program this year. Today’s blog looks a local privilege escalation in t
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    Three things to know about Azure Machine Learning Notebook VM

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    Data scientists have a dynamic role. They need environments that are fast and flexible while upholding their organization’s security and compliance policies. Data scientists working on machine learning projects need a flexible environment to run experiments, train models, iterate models, and innovate in. They want to focus on building, training, and deploying
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    DirectX to the Kernel

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    The operating system kernel is the final goal for every great exploit chain. You can look at the entries in the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) Pwn2Own contests over the years to see that process at work. The Windows kernel has been subject to many points of
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    MindShaRE: Hardware Reversing with the Belkin Surf N300 Router

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    In late 2018, the ZDI received a collection of submissions affecting a version of SuperTask! RTOS that runs on a collection of devices. These bug reports were submitted by two new researchers to the program: Josep Pi Rodriguez and Pedro Guilln Nuez. One o
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    Arch Linux On Line Installer

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    Calam-Arch-Installer Now install arch easily with on line gui installler, choices packs list DE, util, and browsers before proceed installed supported install: enabled aur+pamac, gui partitioning, dual boot, mbr-efi and encrypted my project here:Arch-in
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    Visual Studio for Nintendo Switch? – FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is an amazing coding app

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    I love my Nintendo Switch. It's a brilliant console that fits into my lifestyle. I use it on planes, the kids play it on long car rides, and it's great both portable and docked. NOTE: Check out my blog post on The perfect Nintendo Switch travel set u
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    An Insincere Form of Flattery: Impersonating Users on Microsoft Exchange

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    This is the third in our series of Top 5 interesting cases from 2018. Each of these bugs has some element that sets them apart from the approximately 1,400 advisories released by the program this year. Today we look at an Exchange bug that allows any au
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    Implementing Fuzz Logics with Dharma

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    Hello everyone. My name is Mat and I am a fuzzing addict. I can’t stop.  I’m constantly doing it and craving that next fix. I need it.  I’m addicted to the thrill ­of the hunt -- the anxiety and anticipation for my fuzzers to report a crashin
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    CVE-2019-0708: A Comprehensive Analysis of a Remote Desktop Services Vulnerability

    vom 78.78 Punkte ic_school_black_18dp
    In the May 2019 patch cycle, Microsoft released a patch for a remote code execution bug in their Remote Desktop Services (RDS). A remote, unauthenticated attacker can exploit this vulnerability by sending crafted RDP messages to the target server. Success

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