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Bing partners with the ecosystem to drive fresh signals

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Announcing Bing's partnership with Botify to further drive the vision of a fundamental shift in how search engines find content....

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[Testing Update] 2020-03-21 - Kernels, Pamac 9.4, Systemd, Mesa, LibreOffice

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@philm wrote: Hello community, here is another Testing Update for you: 1000×60010 reasons to switch to Manjaro Linux Some feature-updates: We updated some of our Kernels Pamac finally got updated to 9.4.0 and introduces f

Bing-Ip2Hosts - Bingip2Hosts Is A Bing.com Web Scraper That Discovers Websites By IP Address

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Bing-ip2hosts is a Bing.com web scraper to discover hostnames by IP address.DescriptionBing-ip2hosts is a Bing.com web scraper that discovers hostnames by IP address. Bing is the flagship Microsoft search engine formerly known as MSN Search and Live

Bing delivers new COVID-19 experiences including partnership with GoFundMe to help affected businesses

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Bing recently announced our work to help the world stay up to date on the latest with COVID-19. Today we’re announcing an expansion of this work in two areas that will allow organizations to leverage Bing data and search. First, we’re releasing ou

Black Friday on Bing: intelligent shopping, product insights, and more

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Intelligent shopping We know that often, shopping can be a journey. You might start with a need in mind, or a few products you want to learn about. To end up with a great purchase, you need the right tools to guide you along the way. To make your

Multi-granularity matching for Bing Image Search

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A while back we shared how internet-scale deep learning techniques deployed to Bing image search stack helped us improve results to a variety of tricky queries. Today we would like to share how our image search is evolving further towards a more intell

AI at Scale in Bing

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Every day, users from all over the world perform hundreds of millions of search queries with Bing in more than 100 languages. Whether this is the first or the millionth time we see a query, whether the best results for a query change every hour or barely

Bing Shopping: 4 ways to save money while shopping at home

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With more of us confined to our homes, we are increasingly using online shopping both for home delivery and curbside pickups. In fact, Bing Shopping has seen more than a 40% increase in its shopping volume in last two months. In light of these changing

Mind your Margins!

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Introduction The search box is the most important piece of UX on our page. It won’t be an overstatement to say that the search box is the most important piece of UX on any search engine. As the front line between us and what customers are looking

This holiday season from Bing: flight booking and expanded visual search

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The holidays can be a busy time, but at Bing we hope to make your holiday season easier and more enjoyable! Today we’re excited to announce an advanced flight booking experience as well as expanded visual search shopping scenarios.   Flight booking

Intelligent Product Search and Recommendations for Fashion Retail

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The ranking techniques used in Bing Ads can help fashion retailers display more relevant product ads in a cost-effective way which may also be more attractive for shoppers. By working with a prominent fashion retail partner, these techniques provided a

Enhancing the customer experience with the Azure Networking MSP partner program

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We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and allow our partners to complement our offerings. In support of these efforts we are sharing the Azure Networking Managed Service Provider (MSP) program along with partners that deliv

Know what businesses are nearby with Bing Maps Local Search API

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The Bing Maps Locations REST APIs help developers build rich location aware applications. Today we are pleased to announce a new addition to our Locations API – the Bing Maps Local Search API. Bing Local Search API is a simple-to-use REST API that al

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